A unique online recruitment software, put in place in order for you to manage your entire recruitment process at the click of a button.

With an easy to use dashboard, you are able to manage each and every part of your recruitment process. This includes sorting applicants, arranging interviews and overseeing the recruitment process through to candidate placement.


  • Post jobs to popular job boards.
  • Create & store multiple email templates for different candidates.
  • Send bulk/individual e-mails.
  • Cloud Storage.
  • Record and monitor candidates with star ratings, interview notes and categorizing who should and shouldn’t be hired.
  • Generate an HTML form to integrate onto your website. Or, if you dont have a website, contact us to have an application page made.
  • Calculate the distance a candidate lives from the workplace.
  • Add multiple users to your account (Read-only user/Administrator).
  • Compatible on all devices and accessible from anywhere with a WiFi connection.
  • Search database with keywords.
  • Can be tailor made to your business requirements.
  • Built to store internships, apprenticeships, work experience, careers and many other applications.


Upon request, the system can be moulded to meet your specific requirements. Therefore, managing and recruiting your candidates has never been easier. Take your first step towards making in-house recruitment easier today. Enquire to find out more about Hit N Run to get started.

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