Adding multiple users & user access level

Adding multiple users & controlling user level(s)

You can create another user account on your main account by selecting “Add User” on the “Users” page. You will be required to create:

  • Contact Name (Required)
  • Email Address (Optional)
  • Contact Number (Optional)
  • Username (Required)
  • Password (Required)
  • User Level (Read only user/Administrator)
  • Status (Active/Inactive)

create user 1

multiple users, access level

User access level which you can determine what they can see.

How user access level works

User access level allows you (The main administrator) to control how certain members are allowed to use/view the system.
Read only user – Is able to read a candidates form input details and use the distance calculator only.

Administrator user – Is able to use the entire system to it’s full potential.

Adding a user tutorial

Please visit our contact page if you have any questions about Adding multiple users & user access level

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