Redirecting applicants from job sites to your website

Posting on job sites

What they say

Question:  Can I redirect applying applicants to my website?

(Edited) say:

“Please see the below which may provide some clarity on how the job applications work with a URL link.

The external URL link for  job postings will need to be active on your job posting
however, any candidate applying for a role would need to be registered on As a candidate, when you click the ‘Apply now’ button you will be asked to sign into your account before being redirected to the URL link you set up.

We ask candidates to sign into before clicking the apply now button so that we have a record of who has tried to make an application.

If you sign into your account directly you may see the number of applications made is different to the number on the external URL.

The number of applications we show in your charityaccount is the number of people who have selected the ‘Apply now’ button. After this point, we have no control or record of what the candidate does on the external URL, so they may not have completed the full application on your website. As we log who has clicked the apply now button on your job in your account you are able to check against your records of who has not submitted the application on the external URL.” say:

"Yes, this can be arranged for you to have a link with your jobs posting that a potential applicant can apply directly on your website. 
To better help you with further information and pricing options for this please provide monster with your Company Name, Nature of Business and a contact number to reach you on?
Alternatively, we can be reached directly on - 0800 169 5015 Option 1. sales team

Job say:

"Yes, we call this a direct apply, meaning when applicants click on the Apply Now button, they are re-directed your your site to complete the application process.

Unfortunately this isn't something you can do with our Online Vacancy Purchase system, you would need to go through to our sales department".

The Jobsite Team 

Total say:

“Yes, candidates can be redirected to your website to apply for a job from our site.

You can call us on the details below for our sales team”.

Tel:  080 8000 2000


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