Edit Candidate Details

Edit Candidate Details At Anytime!

Whether a candidate has changed their email account, moved address or changed their last name. ALL details can be updated instantly in seconds.


Did you know?

You can completely add all details of a candidate, from scratch!

This can be accomplished by:

  • 1. Selecting the “Jobs” category¬†from the side-menu.
  • 2. Create & save a job with the “Add Job” button.
  • 3. Then, go into that job by selecting the “candidate” option & then select “Add Candidate”.

Accessing candidate history and Interview notes

Accessing a candidate’s history allows you to view:


Notes Interview created 19-05-2015 at 02:10 PM

Actioned: 18-05-2015 14:07 by John Smith

Email sent to : madeup@email.com

Status changed to : Interview

Actioned: 18-05-2015 14:04 by John Smith

Applied for job on 17-05-2015 18:55

Also, the details of the interview(s):

Interview Date & Time:
19-05-2015 at 02:08 PM


Interview Rating:


Potential candidate.

Invite for second interview.

Client Requirements

Whether you are managing jobs, training courses, apprenticeships, internships or any other kind of program. You can have your Hit N Run account tailored made specifically to your requirements (Including your company logo and site colours).

Possible adjustments include:

  • Internal communication
  • Custom application form
  • Your very own webpage application;
  • and many more

Enquire to find out more possibilities.

Custom Colour Layout

Change colours






How to search for candidates/CV’s

Searching for candidates/CV’s that you have retrieved is really simple. With a keyword search bar, you can type the:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Job they have applied for or;
  • Their current status of what category they are under in the system (interview, Job offer, Short-list, New, Successful or unsuccessful)

and, your search results will accurately appear, instantly. (See below for examples of how it looks/works)

Candidate Database (example):

database of candidates 1.

Searching via candidate(s) name:

search by name 2

Search via job:

search by job 3

Search via status:

search by status 4